1. Listen to my constituents. Be helpful, transparent, honest and respectful.

2.Budget carefully. Spend Wisely. Avoid debt. Live within our means.

3. Work to reduce regulations, impediments, and  practices that unnecessarily interfere with the rights of individuals to enjoy their property rights.

4. Challenge our staff to respond faster and be more efficient and to foster a culture of excellence that rewards innovation and creative thinking.

5. Support families by investing in Library Services, Recreational Programming, Community Facilities, Parks and Trails.

6. Support our Emergency Responders by providing them with up to date and modern equipment and facilities.

7. Support our Fairs, Festivals and Special Events and recognize the contributions of the organizers and volunteers who provide the opportunities to bring people together.

8. Support our Service Clubs, Organizations and Societies and the work they do by providing assistance when required and by partnering when asked. 

9. Recognize the respect our seniors deserve and work to ensure the principals of "An Age Friendly Community" are followed and promoted.

10.  Ensure that our children and young adults can participate in activities that are educational and fun by promoting and offering programs in the Arts and Humanities along with Sports and Recreation.

11. Respect our environment by encouraging and promoting conservation, low impact development and land stewardship.

12. Improve our Infrastructure by adhering to, and properly funding our Asset Management Plan which provides for better maintenance of our roads and streets, more hard surfacing of roads and for the better upkeep of our administrative and recreational facilities. 


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Any candidates platform should reflect what his constituents want. Lets work on what we want for WARD FOUR and the County of Brant together. I'm listening.