The British Columbia Legislature

Victoria is the Capital city of British Columbia. This year I was fortunate enough to attend the Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies annual Conference here in Victoria. Mutual insurance companies from across Canada belong to CAMIC. As a Director on the Board of Brant Mutual insurance Company I was one of this years delegates. We learn about best business practices and current insurance issues as well as networking with other members from across Canada. From the Conference Centre you can see the legislative buildings.


Age -Friendly Community

Part of my Platform

9. Recognize the respect our seniors deserve and work to ensure the principals of "An Age Friendly Community" are followed and promoted.


What is an age-friendly community?

In an age-friendly community, the policies, services and structures related to the physical and social environment are designed to help seniors "age actively." In other words, the community is set up to help seniors live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved.

For example, in an age-friendly community:

  • sidewalks are well lit and kept in good shape;

  • buildings have automatic door openers and elevators; and

  • seniors take part in all sorts of community activities, such as visiting museums or libraries, taking courses or volunteering for charities or civic duties.

An age-friendly community:

  • recognizes that seniors have a wide range of skills and abilities;

  • understands and meets the age-related needs of seniors;

  • respects the decisions and lifestyle choices of seniors;

  • protects those seniors who are vulnerable;

  • recognizes that seniors have a lot to offer their community; and

  • recognizes how important it is to include seniors in all areas of community life.


Part of my Platform

10.  Ensure that our children and young adults can participate in activities that are educational and fun by promoting and offering programs in the Arts and Humanities along with Sports and Recreation.

We can use our Libraries and recreational facilities to provide opportunities for our children and young adults to enjoy participating in the Arts and Humanities. Volunteer coaches , teachers, mentors and helpers who can share their skills and talents can be recruited. Music, Theatre. Arts and Literature. Not everyone likes to play sports.


Support our Local Businesses and our local Artisans!

Everyone should visit The Curiosity Stop! Its new and it’s in Scotland.

The Curiosity Stop, Scotland

The Curiosity Stop, Scotland

Stop in and visit with the friendly proprietors and check out the amazing work of over 25 local artisans whose work is neatly displayed and professionally presented. You will see vintage collectibles, jewelry, art, clothing, candles, a variety of hand crafted items and much more.

Its bright . It’s new. And it’s in Ward Four!